not just design. it’s about usability.

We create beautiful engaging experiences for your customers. An experience that tells your story whilst gently leading them through the information they need in order to make them your customer.

From Desktop to Mobile: Responsive Design

Our team designs seamless experiences for mobile, tablet, desktop and emerging devices that scale, adapt and interact.

Responsive web design isn’t a trend any more, it’s a must. Being able to offer consumers a beautiful optimized experience regardless of their choice of device means you’ll have expanded the reach of your service and the chances you have of engaging with individuals.

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Application Design

We design web, mobile, social and software applications for our clients for single device or multi-device use.

We have a deep understanding of application design, grounded in years of experience designing for mobile screens, tablets and desktop, and everything in between. We can design for native or hybrid technology on every platform that perform seamlessly across devices and create content for e-commerce and social experiences.

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User Interface

The team at Fleava has extensive experience designing user interfaces, from basic web catalogues to crowdfunding platforms, cloud-software and beyond.

User Experience

Our UX design process involves research, design, testing, refinement and continuous learning with our clients and their customers.

We design innovative user experience that offers consumers something relevant, useful and on-brand.

Digital devices and platforms augment our ability to think, perceive and make decisions — and Fleava was founded on the idea that great design can change the way consumers and brands interact with each other. With more experience in user-centric design and strategy than anyone else in the industry, we create experiences that deliver measurable value to users and to businesses.

We apply digital product methodologies to bridge the gap between the digital experiences of users and their physical ones. Our context-adaptive omnichannel content curation, user experience strategy and product development put the context, expectations and decision-making processes of users at the center of every solution.

Website Design

We’re known for designing exceptional websites. Our approach enables our design team to create some of the most beautiful, functional and intuitive websites you’ll ever see.

With years of experience in the web design industry through working with global clients, We dedicated to develop and design functional, creative, details and usability oriented websites by exposing the simplicity and the latest web standards as the main principles.

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Emerging Platforms

As the world becomes more mobile, so do we. We design solutions for mobile and tablet devices as well as emerging platforms, including wearables.

Product & Service Design

We work with our clients to identify market opportunities, develop innovative products and services and put them in a great position to be commercially successful.

we transform brands, engage customers and grow businesses

Our amazing team creates brilliant experiences for our clients and their customers using strategy, research, design, technology, communications, data and creative thinking.

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