We develop intelligent strategies and create world-class brands that speak to today’s consumer.

We don’t want our brand associated with anything that isn’t of the highest quality. We make quality things, we give quality advice and we only hire quality people. People who want the best come to us for a reason.

Strategy: Brand Analysis, Communication & Positioning

Uncovering the pivotal insights that unlock creativity is always best done in collaboration - between the client, the consumer, and the creatives.

Our highly awarded design skills are always underpinned by sound and rigorous thinking. Our strategists and planners dig deep, unearthing fresh, compelling insights and the wider market understanding which help our design teams work out how to cut through and connect deeply.

Visual Identity

To qualify as a true icon, a brand must have a beacon identity - a way of presenting itself to the world that is definitively unique, and which sets a benchmark against which others will be judged.

We have a blend of design skills and a breadth of experience within our team that enables us to cover all aspects of brand identity, and a global perspective that makes working in other cultures effortless.

Brand Applications

Fired by boundless imaginations, guided by strategic rigour, and informed by production know-how, our inspirational band of designers have been responsible for creating and shaping a number of brand identities, working hand in hand with client teams in their development.

Brand Architecture

An established Brand Architecture is an important guide for brand extensions, sub-brands and development of new products. It will also provide a road map for Brand Identity development and design, and remind consumers of the value proposition for the entire brand family.

As digital technologies eclipse the broadcast model, consumers are becoming more active in their relationships with brands.

We combine classic brand strategy and account planning with digital strategy, data and user research to find a brand’s true capability. Then we turn this capability into content, products, services and campaigns – creating and defining experiences that users love.

Brands today need to recognize their customers as users, not passive consumers of media. Fleava has extended the traditional branding framework of mission, vision and beliefs to include a brand’s capability — what the brand must enable digitally for users.

Brand Guidelines

We design brand guidelines to inspire creative direction rather than restrict it. A baseline that sets the tone of voice in copy and through visual assets.

A brand guidelines establishes the voice and personality of a company, as well as who the public will see, and it governs every aspect of communication from the company. The brand guidelines is the basis for all interactions on behalf of a company – personal communications, social media, advertising and design.

we transform brands, engage customers and grow businesses

Our amazing team creates brilliant experiences for our clients and their customers using strategy, research, design, technology, communications, data and creative thinking.

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