ProjectDec 2015 – Total rebranding & web development for PNK Hotels.

DeliverablesConcept, Branding, UX, Website, Photography, Graphics, Prints.

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Pink is The New Black

A multi located sanctuaries made for one and their lovers. PinkCoco hotels are designed for comfort, special times and fresh getaways. Their sweet rooms and well-facilitated rooms keep up with the trends, makes them the popping pink on the islands.

A small touch goes a long way

To maximise its potential, a color that's already signifies the life of a party needs to be utilised just enough to give the brand a classy yet sexy look for its fresh take on boutique hotels. Making sure that the pink stays iconic, We implement a very clean and slick identity and let the pink speaks for itself.

We develop a user-friendly interface letting the costumers soak in to a little bit of its experience.

Unique yet easy navigations to photo galleries, booking systems and all the needed informations. The website is made as simple as it needs to be, but enough to represent how PinkCoco can be a great choice for the next holiday destination.


We understand that picture means a thousand words. Our aim is to capture the visuals of PinkCoco as its best, showing the comfort feel and its story. The sweet rooms and facilities will make the stay delightful and outstanding.

Our creative team aims to inspire and delight

We understand that creativity can have no boundaries and we don’t limit ourselves by thinking small. We design practical ways to execute the full spectrum of our big ideas and just like everything else we do, the user and audience is at the core of our creative process.

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