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McD's delivery

There's a reason why fast food named as such in a first place, the whole concept was made in the first place to make sure you get your hands on your food in a matter of minutes, if necessary, seconds.

Unfortunately this not always applied to the design language in most food delivery apps out there, we experimenting and thoughtfully what's best to apply in McD's app.

What used to be quirky now look slick and easy to the eyes.

Visual language is the key for the significant change in design blank spaces and big pictures to showcase the product play the main role to enhance user experience.

Based on our research, users tend to order and convert if they are given a simple flow in accessing the app. Users need to be exposed with enough information about what we are trying to sell.

Constructing positive experience is the main goal, we believe a positive experience will always convert to positive feedback, and absolute positive results in selling.

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