Commarts: Behind our Digital Transformation campaign

We've been interviewed with Communication Arts — the largest international trade journal of visual communications — about our Digital Transformation campaign: Transform with Fleava.

On our previous interview with Communication Arts, we've explained the Story behind the revamp project of our corporate website. And now we get a chance to tell the story behind our new campaign, what drives us, what it's about, and we talked a bit about the design and technology aspect of the landing page. And here's the story.

What is the background of the project?

The pandemic has affected many businesses worldwide, forcing them to review their business strategies to overcome the crisis. It’s not easy for anyone, but it’s even more difficult for companies that still rely on the traditional way of doing things: selling offline, advertising on print media, relying on walk-ins—the list goes on. We have seen many local businesses closing their doors for the last time, and their number just keeps growing.

The only way businesses can succeed in a post-pandemic era is through digital transformation. It’s no longer a “nice-to-have” strategy but the very key to a company’s survival. But it’s not as easy as it sounds: digital transformation, for most, means changing business models entirely. For some, they will have to face drastic changes in their company cultures, and be open to experimentation and failures.

That’s where we come in. We want to help businesses get through the post-pandemic era and help them transform to digital. We’ve been in the digital landscape for more than 10 years; we have the team and expertise to help businesses undergo a digital transformation.

What is the core design of the project?

We wanted to bring up the “dark” side of the problem—hence the colors, the static effects and the RGB-color-shifting effect as you scroll through the site. At the same time, we used a fluid-scrolling effect on the images to make it more playful and represent how companies need to be more “fluid” in nature when undergoing digital transformation. One more detail is the blue cross symbol, which represents digital aid.

What are your favourite details on the site?

When you scroll through the page, you’ll notice a black rectangle on the background that rotates as we scroll. That represents a business or individual free falling through the webpage. And when it reaches the very bottom, it lands perfectly on the call-to-action: Let’s Talk. Basically, we wanted to show our empathy to those who are falling, and when they’ve hit rock bottom, we’re here to help.

Which thechnologies did you use on the development of the site?

On the front end, this is a React and Node.js web app, combined with three.js, WebGL and GSAP for the animations. On the back end, we used our own CMS product, VOLD. It’s the easiest, most powerful and yet simplest CMS we have ever experienced. It uses the same JavaScript languages, live web editor, modular, headless, AWS integration, and basically all the latest web technology has to offer.

Read the full Story here.