No more floating in space. we use data driven approach.

As an agile company, we value a constantly evolving process and the ability to adapt, two of many reasons we have been able to be successful over the years. We will task out the strategy to our talented designers, who will take your vision and create the visual components to match your message and product.

Data Strategy & Implementation

In today’s competitive business environemnt, the clear winners are those with sound, data-centered strategies.

We design comprehensive data strategies that allow our clients to get a deeper understanding of their customers. Our technology team implements tools for measurement and data mining.

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Data Reporting & Analysis

Data is your friend. More businesses today are shifting their focus to effectively utilize data when developing a marketing strategy.

It’s one thing having the data - using it is another thing entirely. We understand how to extract meaningful patterns, insights and trends that we can use to identify opportunities for our clients.

Conversion Optimisation

Most digital assets are designed for conversion, whether it’s completing a purchase or making an enquiry. We leverage data and conversion tools to monitor, analyse and optimise our clients’ assets for profitability.

User Testing

We’re focused on giving users the experience they want, need and value. It’s much easier to figure that out by taking it straight from them. Our team creates test plans that allow us to constantly improve our work.

The power of digital comes from data.

As more and more information about user behaviour, interests and demographics becomes available so too does the need for analytics, insights and optimisation.

We help our clients gather the right data then we use it to refine their digital assets, platforms and communication.

Database Design & Optimisation

More often than not, an ongoing user annoyance in a database application can be simple fix for a database administrator. This annoyances and slowdown in the end cost employee and businesses time and inevitably money. This is why Fleava puts a large emphasis building and maintaining a database with everything optimised from the design phase right though to the deployment phase.

we transform brands, engage customers and grow businesses

Our amazing team creates brilliant experiences for our clients and their customers using strategy, research, design, technology, communications, data and creative thinking.

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